For the first time in Australia, public self-defence classes are being held in a relaxed group atmosphere for men, women and children from beginners to advanced students.

We offer children’s classes in a safe fun atmosphere which focuses primarily on confidence building and techniques for protection from bullying. Programs may also be tailored to the needs of security companies, organizations or individuals.

Private lessons available to adults and children.

Who Are We?

Steven Grbavac

Head Instructor

  • 7th-degree black belt in military jiujitsu
  • Extensive BJJ, Israeli krav-maga, freestyle wrestling, and sambo training
  • Black belt in karate
  • Deputy chief of close quarter protection team of the Croatian President Franjo Tudjman
  • Assigned to close-quarter protection detail of American president’s Bill Clinton and George W. Bush while in Europe
  • Extensive training experience with French foreign legionnaires in hand to hand combat for police and military purposes
  • Personal hand to hand and military commando unarmed combat instructor for a member nation of NATO in conjunction with and under the guidance of brigadier Rodolfo Barrio Saavedra
  • Liaised with swiss guards in the Vatican and the Presidential Security Service (SBP) in Russia regarding security measures of high-ranking official visits to respective countries as well as many other national and international security and protocol assignments throughout his career in security and close protection
  • Over 35 years of training and teaching experience (military, police, private sector, public teaching and training seminars)

Tomi Grbavac

Assistant Instructor

  • Black belt in military jiu-jitsu
  • Junior representative of Croatian national Greco Roman wrestling team with accredited national and international medals
  • Brown belt BJJ
  • Boxing and sambo experience
  • 5 years of teaching experience in martial arts under the guidance of a head instructor

All this unique experience and accumulated knowledge has given our team an insight into the world of self-defence, security, health and safety rarely seen.

"Self-defence is not only our right; it is our duty."
- Ronald Reagan