Who Are We?

Steven Grbavac

Head Instructor

  • 7th-degree black belt in military jiujitsu
  • Extensive BJJ, Israeli krav-maga, freestyle wrestling, and sambo training
  • Black belt in karate
  • Deputy chief of close quarter protection team of the Croatian President Franjo Tudjman
  • Assigned to close-quarter protection detail of American president’s Bill Clinton and George W. Bush while in Europe
  • Extensive training experience with French foreign legionnaires in hand to hand combat for police and military purposes
  • Personal hand to hand and military commando unarmed combat instructor for a member nation of NATO in conjunction with and under the guidance of brigadier Rodolfo Barrio Saavedra
  • Liaised with swiss guards in the Vatican and the Presidential Security Service (SBP) in Russia regarding security measures of high-ranking official visits to respective countries as well as many other national and international security and protocol assignments throughout his career in security and close protection
  • Over 35 years of training and teaching experience (military, police, private sector, public teaching and training seminars)

Tomi Grbavac

Assistant Instructor

  • Black belt in military jiu-jitsu
  • Junior representative of Croatian national Greco Roman wrestling team with accredited national and international medals
  • Brown belt BJJ
  • Boxing and sambo experience
  • 5 years of teaching experience in martial arts under the guidance of a head instructor

All this unique experience and accumulated knowledge has given our team an insight into the world of self-defence, security, health and safety rarely seen.

"Self-defence is not only our right; it is our duty."
- Ronald Reagan